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Precision lubrication from Eckardt

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Planning, development, manufacture, assembly, maintenance

We are in the business of applying forming media, lubricant, separation fluids, indeed almost all flowable media. This application is achieved via spray systems, felt rollers and squeeze-on lubricators

ECKARDT has been manufacturing lubricating devices for the metal- processing industry for over 18 years. Since its establishment in 1992, the company has greatly expanded its product range. Spanning small felt lubricators from 10 mm lubricating width to sector and squeeze-on lubricant applications of up to 1500 mm lubricating width as well as spray applications of a hitherto maximum lubricating width of 4500mm, we have developed a large range of products to meet individual customer requirements in the field of metal lubrication.

Always with an ear to the market and thus focused on the direct requirements of industry, we are continually expanding our product lines with sensible and effective new developments.

Our whole range of services

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